JetBackup Management Console

Manage All Your Servers From 1 User-Friendly Interface

Central Management

Connect any hosting server to JetBackupMC.

Install or validate the installation of JetBackup on any server.

Update JetBackup on multiple servers at once.

Inside Servers, click on “server charts” for a specific server to review the backup job run time history.

Smart Alert System

See all your servers’ alerts from inside JetBackupMC.

See all your servers’ logs from inside JetBackupMC.

See the backup jobs queue for all your servers combined.

Job Optimizer

Select the specific server tags to be included in each job optimizer.

Select the backup job window you would like your servers to complete their backup jobs.

The job optimizer will make daily adjustments to when your backup jobs run to shorten your entire backup job window.

Preview each optimizer to see the estimated backup job start and end time.

Full RESTful API

Seamlessly integrate JetBackupMC inside your own hosting applications via API.

Every function you see in the GUI can be done via API.

Refer to our JetBackupMC API documentation for simple integration into your other systems.

Server Tag Groups

Assign a different color to each server tag group.

Add tag rules based on IP range, destination type or job name.

Create multiple rule conditions that need to be met for the rule to apply specific tags.

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