JetBackup For Linux

No Control Panel? No Problem!

Standalone GUI

Use JetBackup without integration into any control panel.

Enjoy a clean, responsive interface to manage your backups.

Allowing you to run JetBackup on the operating system you prefer.

No Limits

Create as many users as you need, each with their own set of permissions.

Create as many destinations as you need to store multiple sets of backups.

Create unlimited directory and database backup jobs. Assign as many schedules to each job as needed.

Fast Backups & Restores

Enjoy incremental backups on Amazon S3, SSH, SFTP and more. Increment support for ALL object based destinations coming soon!

We use “reverse rsync” making your restore speeds a whole lot faster!

We rate each of your backup jobs and provide tips on how to make them even more efficient.

Advanced Database Functions

Save time with full database backups and restores.

Database support included for MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB.  Backup different database types at the same time.

Link your Database from a different server to be backed up along with your files.

Customize & Integrate

All functions inside the standalone GUI are available via the API.

Add your own hook scripts to be run pre or post any backup job.

Develop your own plugins to control other services on your server convienently right inside JetBackup.


Force users to use two-factor authentication for better security.

Allow and deny access for users in the permissions section.

Restrict users to a specific restore path to avoid them overwriting global configurations.

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