JetBackup 5

Now Available on Stable Tier!

Use JetBackup with
ANY Control Panel

  • cPanel, DirectAdmin & Standalone Linux currently supported
  • Native support for Plesk coming in 2022
  • Developer API available to integrate into ANY control panel

Incremental Backup Engine

  • All destinations have incremental support by default
  • All S3-compatible destinations supported like DigitalOcean, Wasabi, Backblaze, Minio, IBM Cloud, etc.
  • Hetzner Storage Boxes now compatible with native SSH

Backup & Restore Multiple Accounts Concurrently

  • Backup & Restore up to 10 accounts concurrently
  • Increased backup and restore speed
  • JetBackup now runs as a service to instantly trigger tasks

Advanced Restore Options

  • Merge restore with live data so you don't lose new emails
  • Restore unique portions of an account (databases, email, etc.)
  • Prioritize which accounts are first to be restored

Develop & Integrate Plugins

  • Install destination, security, notification or addon plugins
  • Develop and install your own plugins
  • Link your own repository to update your plugins

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