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Product stability is our main focus at JetApps. We have rigorous quality assurance testing guidelines in place to make sure your experience with our software is as smooth as possible.


JetBackup is one of the ONLY backup software that use secure coding practices and regularly have our software's code base audited by an external security provider.


We understand issues can arise any time day or night. All our support technicians are cPanel certified to give you the highest level of support possible 24 / 7 / 365.

GUI w/ Dashboard


Account Filters


Custom Hooks

Hybrid Backups

Self Service = Happy Clients & Less Support

Give your clients the self service backup and restore functionality they deserve!

JetBackup's self service functionality allows end users to restore an account within seconds. The days of an end user having to submit support tickets for an account restore are over! Hosting providers using JetBackup have seen a big difference in their volume of support tickets related to backups. How Big? Some providers have seen up to 70% less support tickets! It is no wonder why hosting providers using JetBackup have also seen increased positive reviews. When clients have speed and ease-of-use it is a win-win for both you and your clients.

Increased Restore Speed
Reduction in Support
Satisfied Customers
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JetBackup Management Console

Easily manage all your servers from one central interface. Our proprietary job optimizer will automate backup scheduling and efficiently backup all your servers in the shortest window possible!

The Power of Unlimited

Unlimited Backup Jobs

Start creating backup jobs based on specific account groups, schedules, retention limits, data type, etc. You no longer have to settle for one backup job for your entire server!

Unlimited Destinations

We have the largest selection of supported storage destinations. You can add as many destinations as you want. Set unique reindexing schedules for each of your destinations.

Unlimited Options

Create as many schedules and smart account filters as you need for all your backup jobs. Also select specifically any combination of data that you would like backed up per job.

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