JetBackup For DirectAdmin®

JetBackup For DirectAdmin®

DirectAdmin® Preferred Server Backup Solution

Intuitive Interface

Built on AngularJS

Alerts, logs, and Queue items keep you well informed.

Expand and collapsible the sidebar menu for optimal viewing.

Find accounts, jobs or destinations in seconds by simply typing the first couple letters of the name.

See which backup jobs are assigned to each destination.

Unlimited Options

Backup your data to multiple locations at once.

Create multiple backup jobs that contain different parts of an account.

Create multiple schedules that can be assigned to the same backup job. They will be incremental in nature to reduce resources.

Create and assign multiple filters to a backup job using AND/OR statements.

Create multiple hooks before and after each backup job runs.

Encrypted Backups

Using our proprietary encryption method.

Let us do the hard work for you!

Set the number of days after account cancellation that backups will be terminated.

Require end users to agree to your user and privacy agreements each time you update them.

Give clients option to store their backup key remotely.

Smart Restore

Don’t lose new data by restoring an older backup.

Only restore the specific files you need.

Restore email from one backup and a database from another backup all inside a single restore process!

Assign each account to a priority group so your VIP clients are restored first.

Require users to agree to restore conditions before starting the restore process.

Full Control

Our GUI is 100% API-based.

Adjust global or individual user permissions to allow or deny access to specific features.

Create your own hook points to run before and/or after a backup job.

Manage JetBackup directly from your command-line interface.

Set the number of concurrent accounts to backup or restore at a time.


All destinations will be incremental by default using our new incremental object storage solution.

Add a security plugin to lock backups and auto-restore files with malware.

Integrate your own application directly inside JetBackup.

Share your plugin inside the community repository or set up your very own repository

Our developer API toolkit will make creating your own plugin very simple and straightforward.

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