JetBackup 4

cPanel® Preferred Server Backup Solution

GUI With Dashboard

Enjoy the same look and feel you are used to seeing inside cPanel® & WHM®.

Expand and collapsible the sidebar menu for optimal viewing.

Create a backup job or submit an account restore in less than a minute!

Find accounts, jobs or destinations in seconds by simply typing the first couple letters of the name.

See which backup jobs are assigned to which destination.  Also which account filters are assigned to each backup job.

Here is the full list of items displayed on the dashboard:

  • Recent Alerts
  • Destinations List
  • Backup Jobs List
  • Clone Jobs List
  • Latest Queue
  • Accounts w/o Scheduled Backup
  • New Alerts
  • Total Accounts
  • Total Jobs
  • Total Backups
  • Disk Usage
  • Jobs Running


Create multiple schedules that can be assigned to the same backup job.

Multiple Schedules on the same backup job will be incremental to reduce space and resources.

Create a schedule that runs once another specific backup job has completed.  This will greatly reduce your backup job window.

Delay the start of any backup job to allow custom hook points to run between scheduled backup jobs.

Each schedule assigned to the same backup job can have a completely different retention limit.

Here is a list of all available schedules:

  • Hourly (set every 1 - 12 hours)
  • Daily (set any / all days of week)
  • Weekly (set any day of week)
  • Monthly (set day of month)
  • After Backup Job Done
  • After Clone Job Done
  • After cPanel Backup Job Done

Here is a simple diagram to show how incremental backups work:

Account Filters

8 different filter options to choose from.

Create and assign as many filters as you want to each backup job.

Use the same filter on multiple backup jobs by simply applying an existing created filter.

Move each account filter up or down and connect them with an OR/AND statement.

Here is a list of all available filters:

  • Accounts Filter
  • Resellers Filter
  • Suspension Filter
  • Disk Space Usage Filter
  • Inode Usage Filter
  • cPanel Package Filter
  • Characters Range Filter
  • Regular Expression Filter

Here is an example of a filter set applied to a backup job:


Using our own proprietary encryption algorithm.

End users get to choose whether they want to store their encryption key locally on the server or remotely in their own location.

The end user can opt-in to have their backup data removed once their account is terminated.

Force end users to agree to your privacy policy and user agreement right from their cPanel® account.

Hybrid Backups

Select any combination of the parts of an account to include in your backup job.

Exclude generic or unnecessary files from your backup job.

Select specific directory paths to include in your backup job.

Create an hourly database backup job along with your normal daily full backup job.

Select any combination of the following data inside a cPanel account:

  • cPanel Configurations
  • Home Directory Files
  • Databases
  • Emails
  • Email Structure Only
  • Cron Jobs
  • DNS Zones
  • SSL Certificates

Custom Hooks

Attach your own custom hook scripts to any major function inside JetBackup.

Run your hook scripts before and/or after each Jetbackup function.

Run your hook scripts on any or all backup jobs inside JetBackup.

Click here to see custom hook use cases on our JetApps Blog.

Here is the list of all the available functions you can attach a hook to within JetBackup:

  • Backup
  • Backup Account
  • Clone
  • Clone Account
  • Download
  • Restore
  • Snapshot
  • Daily Cron

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